The 16th Internaional Conference on II-VI Compounds and Related Materials (II-VI 2013)

September 9-13, 2013

Nagahama Royal Hotel, Nagahama, Japan

The 16th International Conference on II-VI Compound and Related Materials (II-VI 2013)

News and Topics

  • Official Records of II-VI 2013: 2014/2/26
  • Deadline of on-line registration and accomodation: Aug.31
  • Submission guideline of proceedings in Proceedings page (2013/8/22)
  • Indicating presentation guidelines in Presentations page (2013/8/4)
  • Info of Visa info and Invitation Letter (2013/7/12)
  • Acceptance Notice (2013/7/8)
  • Social Events (2013/7/8)
  • Additional Access Information (2013/7/8)
  • Registration site is open (2013/7/8)
  • Deadline of nomination and application of awards : 2013/8/15
  • Deadline of Late News Papers : 2013/7/31 -> closed
  • List of Invited Speakers (2013/3/4)


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Sponsored by

The 125th Committee on
   Conversion between Light and Electricity, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

In Cooperation with

The 162nd Committee on
   Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Photonic and Electronic Devices, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


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