The 16th Internaional Conference on II-VI Compounds and Related Materials (II-VI 2013)

September 9-13, 2013

Nagahama Royal Hotel, Nagahama, Japan


The 16th International Conference on II-VI Compounds and Related Materials (II-VI 2013) will be held at the Nagahama Royal Hotel, Nagahama, Japan, September 9 - 13, 2013. This will be the continuation of a successful series of biennial conferences which started in Durham (UK) in 1983. The last five conferences were held in Niagara Falls, USA (2003), Warsaw, Poland (2005), Jeju, Korea (2007), Saint Petersburg, Russia (2009), and Mayan Riviera, Mexico (2011). These conferences have contributed to review and stimulate the progress in basic and applied research on II-VI compounds. More recently, the research targets of II-VI compounds have extended or merged to those of other related materials such as a variety of oxide and chalcopyrite semiconductors, and in this view this conference is held under the name of "International Conference on II-VI Compounds and Related Materials" in order to meet the recent interests of the II-VI community extending to related materials. Nagahama and vicinity were the center stage of history in the Samurai period, the end of the 16th century. Nagahama castle was built in 1575 by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who later unified Japan. Located about 70 km north-east of Kyoto and about 60 km north-west of Nagoya, Nagahama is facing to Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and offers quiet atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty, cozy townscape, and historic interests for strolling as well as concentrated discussions. We look forward to welcoming you to Nagahama in September 2013.

  • Organizing Committee Honorary Chair : Yoichiro Nakanishi (Shizuoka Univ., Japan)
  • Organizing Committee Chair : Akihiko Yoshikawa (Chiba Univ., Japan)
  • Steering Committee Chair : Shizuo Fujita (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
  • International Program Committee Chair : Masakazu Kobayashi (Waseda Univ., Japan)
  • Sponsored by the 125th Committee on Mutual Conversion between Light and Electricity, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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